Youth Programmes

Pathfinder Cadets

Pathfinder Cadets is a membership within Pathfinders UK that caters to young people in school years 7 to 10. This 10-month programme is a transformative experience designed to educate, inspire, and equip cadets with the necessary skills and resilience to thrive amidst daily challenges.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, engaging workshops, and immersive activities, Pathfinder Cadets delve into a wide range of subjects, from leadership development to problem-solving techniques. They learn to adapt to new situations, work effectively in teams, and navigate obstacles with confidence.

Pathfinder Cadets offers an environment where members can explore their interests, discover their passions, and develop a strong sense of identity. It empowers young individuals to embrace their potential, embrace leadership roles, and emerge as resilient and capable individuals ready to conquer any hurdle that comes their way.

£20.00 Per month


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